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In today’s world, each and every company aims at growing and sustaining but many of them fail to realize that they are missing out on an amazing resource that can make this goal into reality- Social Media. Over 90% of the companies, both business to business (B2B) and business to customer (B2C), are currently making use of social media for marketing purposes. But with such a wide range of options, it has become a bit difficult to choose one- out of the 4 most popular social media networks- Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.


Let’s start with LinkedIn, it is specifically designed for business and professional use. It serves as the main hub for B2B networking and outreach. Here professionals can follow company pages and updates, like and share your content, and you can create, join and participate in groups. By viewing customers connections companies are able to easily gather prospects and target them accordingly based on their needs. And with easy and quick access to industry news and updates, as well as valuable information on potential new hires and possible partners, it’s easy to stay updated on the latest trends and opportunities.

With the addition of the group feature on LinkedIn, that proved out to be, the most effective in terms of mass marketing. It helps the users to build a great network with fellow industry professionals and garner valuable leads while showcasing your expertise and know-how, allowing you to establish yourself as a leader and influencer in your industry.


If you compare LinkedIn with Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, the bandwidth of comparison is comparatively smaller. Facebook is the largest social media network and that’s how it allows the companies to reach out to a huge number of other companies, consumers and organizations. Twitter is another great tool for staying up to speed on current industry trends and innovations. You have followers, and follow other accounts while your content can be favorite marked and retweeted, following hashtags to analyze trending subjects. While Instagram, still remains the new vogue, it has the fastest growing users across the globe, yet it is incomparable to LinkedIn.


The Major difference between LinkedIn & other Social Media Platforms is the Non-Stereotypical, Data tapping, & reaching the correct audience. Where other platforms are used to connect buyers to end users/resellers, (more C2C), LinkedIn is playing it safe, by connecting people of the similar fraternity by DIRECT (B2B) means. With the world moving towards digital and technological advancements, social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are going to expand more and help the users as well as companies to grow. These platforms will play an important role in defining the future of how marketing is carried out on social media and how effective it can be.


Talking about the progress LinkedIn has made, over the years, it has come a long way, from being a platform for posting resumes to becoming a most prominent platform for interactive professionals to help grow an immiscible network for world businesses. The platform has gained from 500 million to 575 million users over the last 16 months with no signs of slowing down.

It might just be that LinkedIn, the shy and steady first born major of social networks, is finally becoming big & surely the NEXT BIG THING!