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Well, 2018 & 2019, were predicted to be the years of Social & Digital Revolution. And its coming to be true! Increasing the number of masses joining the Social platforms, per month, it has to become a necessity to be in the run. But don’t know really, what to do to be Socially active?? Allow us to Save you!!


1. Be Actively present on all platforms:

It’s so important nowadays to be socially active, that if you are not, then you are loosing out the race. You can be present on a personal account or professional, but making it count is what shall create a difference. With the increasing number of people joining Social Media Platforms each day, the reach is growing to another level altogether.  Let your pictures talk, let your content talk. Be present! Be active!


Don’t make your Social Media Accounts look like a personal scrapbook. Know your field of interests, know your audience & accordingly plan & strategize your posts. Its always better to plan a calendar for your Social Media accounts to maintain a uniformity in all the accounts. Also, the Planning & relevant postings, get you more focused audiences. At least they are not  Confused!

3. Do Not just POST AND GHOST:

First things first, post intentionally & engage with your audience! It’s important to revert back to the comments and let’s be honest, in order to actually get people to comment on your post, you need to have some sort of call to action  EVERY SINGLE POST. Ask a Hint Question  & tag 3 friends or double tap but you want to ask yourself: what action do I want people to take after seeing this post.


Live video is a great medium to connect with audiences, your real followers & readers. You get to know the real reactions of your audiences. Let people in your special moments! Go Live while you are visiting a  place, or just a Normal Live Session with a little Q+A with your followers.  LIVE video is still the king in terms of battling the algorithms and it’s a really cool way to be more “unscripted”.It’s more of a candid way of showing and serving your audience.

And also on what area you need to rectify & improve on.


Make an effort to show up on your stories, share a little bit of your life, and really engage with your followers who might be tuning in. You can ask questions or take a poll with your audience or make them feel like they are a part of your life Behind the scenes. My best advice? Don’t do a million straight talking to the camera and show some of your personality with video, not just photos.

Hope, We saved your Social Media Boat from drowning!! With Happy Times ahead…See you around!