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Gaming revolution in the past 3 years

The gaming revolution is growing rapidly. Over the last few years, the Indian mobile market has risen dramatically. New information about the influence of smartphones on various sectors and client categories is being found all the time.

The gaming business, in particular, is undergoing a major transformation as a result of the mobile revolution. There are more than two billion gamers on the planet.

Suicidal birds and insane pigs infiltrated mobile phone screens exactly a decade ago. The game Angry Birds soon gained popularity. A few years later, another game emerged that became even more popular. Candy Crush is the world’s most popular game, with almost 250 million monthly active users.

Video game creation has become complex. It was once inconceivable to spend millions on game production, but today’s games can cost tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions of dollars. 

In the following years, the online gaming business is expected to grow to a $5 billion industry. Mobile gaming has already surpassed the music and film industries in size and is expanding at a faster rate than both. Online gaming will overtake TV and Video as the most profitable entertainment area in the next few years. The gaming industry’s expansion is being fuelled by constantly falling data prices.

The rise of mobile gaming will mean exponential growth of the professional e-sport category where the prize money will become a serious draw. This will mean creating brand assets that are game specific at one end.

It’s obvious that businesses want a piece of the action. According to analysts, the gaming sector will produce $196 billion in sales by 2022. As a result, tech companies are looking to get involved in this revenue stream. Tech giants such as Google, Facebook, and Apple have all made plays to enter the video game industry.

The gaming sector is predicted to grow quickly over the next five years as a result of increased interest in audiences and the arrival of new stakeholders across the value chain, from event organisers to participating teams.

Because of its restricted ability to invest in hardware, India is expected to see a cloud gaming revolution when 5G technology becomes popular in the coming years. Are you ready to experience a surge yet? Let us know your thoughts in the mails.