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The most powerful effect of advertising is just to create a good feeling about a product by surrounding it with other things that you like.

Let’s say you love your smile & wish to buy toothpaste!

Brand A: You have seen the advertisement of the brand many times. Brand recall is very high.

Brand B: It’s a new brand, you have never seen advertisements on TV, Magazine or newspaper over the years.  The Salesgirl tells you 5 benefits of this brand over the already existing toothpaste in the market & the price is also less.


Which Toothpaste will you buy??

Logic says you can try Brand B but buying brand A is one of the options which just makes you feel good about. That is the power of advertising( you recollect all the positive memory /visual depictions around the brand advertisement which has made you feel good and confident about the brand)

Advertisers have been given the opportunity to pass the information to us about what feels good, Emotions & stories sell. That information ultimately affects the way we make choices, consciously or Subconsciously.

  •  How about buying a car whose advertising you never saw ??
  • How about buying a Dantmanjan over Colgate?
  • Why don’t you buy Sonata watches (highly recommended by father)? Why do you crave for Rolex/ Hublot? It’s a good feeling to own something which others (friends, relatives, neighbors) know.


Advertising is an asset, not a liability your for business to grow. The correct form of business is to provide what your customers like & not what you would want to sell. It’s a Direct Proportional equation, of Demand & Supply. Money spent on Marketing will also give you better brand recall if spent wisely as per the TG. Because here, Slow & steady wins the race! It takes time to build the Brand recall value, quiet enough to attract customers in the long run.